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CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie Kah, Roy Higgins Medallist for the 2020-21 racing season.

Will Price wins the Darren Gauci Medal as leading apprentice.


Scott McDonnell

5 – Dean Yendall (So You Assume)

4 – Jamie Kah (Smokin’ Romans)

3 – Alana Kelly (Imperial Lad)

2 – Teo Nugent (Mr Pickwick)

1 – Damian Thornton (Hi Stranger)


Carl Di Iorio

5 – Teo Nugent (Mr Pickwick)

4 – Damian Thornton (Hi Stranger)

3 – Jamie Kah (I’m Thunderstruck)

2 – Craig Newitt (Rock Artist)

1 – Alana Kelly (Imperial Lad)


 FINAL TOTALS to July 31 (end of season)

162- J KAH

125- D Oliver

107- D Lane

87- J McNeil

79- M Zahra

72- M Dee

67- W Price*

66- C Williams

62- B Melham

 58- L Currie

53- D Stackhouse

49- W Pike


39- M Walker

32- D Thornton

30- J Allen, D Bates

28- W Egan

27- B Allen

26- L King, C Newitt

24- M Poy, D Moor

23- H Bowman

22- H Coffey

21- J Childs, L Niendorf*, A Kelly*

20- C Hefel

18- M Cartwright*

17- L Nolen, L Lafferty*, F Kersley

16- B Prebble

14- L Riordan*, N Rawiller, D Yendall

13- T Hope*, B Mertens*

11- C Rawiller*

10- Dwayne Dunn, R McLeod

9- G Boss

8- G Cartwright*, K McEvoy, M Lloyd*, J Hill

7- J Allen, J Mott

6- Z Spain, D Moor

5- E Brown, D Holland

4- M Rodd, C Douglas, L German*

2-J Benbow, J Fry, P Moloney

1-    J McDonald, B McDougall, T Stockdale, J Bowditch


DENIS Pagan is the 2020 VRMA Racing Personality Of The


Pagan, the dual North Melbourne premiership coach, achieved a unique and barely believable sporting double when he prepared the Victoria Derby winner Johnny Get Angry in his first season as an owner- trainer.

Pagan won on the votes of VRMA members. The award was announced at a VRMA Luncheon at the Emerald Hotel in February 2021, a delayed function because of COVID restrictions.