VRMA/VRC Best News & Best Feature Story Winners for 2020


Leo Schlink of The Herald Sun for his story revealing for the first time how police planted surveillance devices into Darren Weir’s stables, by using other police posing as plumbers, electricians and brickies to distract attention away from them.

 Best Feature:

Damien Ractliffe of The Age for his interview with Emma Goring, widow of Mark Goring, about the ever-present dangers faced by jockeys in their vocation. 

The judges Rhett Kirkwood and Ray Huxley announced the VRMA award winners for 2020 at the Racing Personality Of The Year luncheon at the Emerald Hotel on Monday February 1, 2021.


Michael Felgate  (RSN) won the $1000 award for best breeding coverage in the media, announced by Narelle Stocker from Inglis.


2012-13Rod NicholsonPatrick Bartley
2011-12Patrick BartleyStephen Howell/Mark Harding
2010-11Patrick BartleyAdrian Dunn
2009-10Adam Hamilton/Adrian DunnMichael Manley
2008-09Adam HamiltonRod Nicholson
2007-08Patrick BartleyRod Nicholson
2006-07Patrick Bartley/Rod NicholsonPatrick Bartley
2005-06Tony BourkeAdam Hamilton
2004-05Michael Manley/Adam HamiltonPatrick Bartley
2003-04Patrick BartleyAdrian Dunn
2002-03Rod NicholsonPatrick Bartley
2001-02Patrick BartleyRod Nicholson
2000-01Tony BourkeMatthew Stewart
1999-00Adrian DunnShane Templeton
1998-99Rod NicholsonAndrew Eddy
1997-98Rod NicholsonBrendan Cormick
1996-97Shane TempletonPatrick Bartley
1995-96Tony BourkeShane Templeton
1994-95Brendan CormickDavid Moore
1993-94Andrew EddyBernie OÕBrien
1992-93Tony BourkeAndrew Eddy
1991-92Tony BourkeDavid Moore
1990-91Bernie OÕBrienStephen Moran
1989-90Keith HillierStephen Moran
1988-89Tony Meany/Tony BourkeAdrian Dunn
1987-88Tony MeanyAdrian Dunn
1986-87Brian MeldrumRay Huxley/Shane Templeton
1985-86Keith Hillier/Jack ElliottCathy Walker
1984-85Shane TempletonRhett Kirkwood
1983-84Rhett KirkwoodPatrick Bartley
1982-83Jack ElliottKeith Hillier
1981-82Mark HardingGraeme Kelly
1980-81Keith HillierRollo Roylance
1979-80Keith HillierRollo Roylance