ROY HIGGINS MEDAL – March 9, 2020


Deane Lester

5 – Glen Boss (Bivouac)

4 – Jamie Kah (Paint The Town Too)

3 – Dwane Dunn (Wild Planet)

2 – Billy Egan (Rubisaki)

1 – Craig Williams (Vow and Declare)


Rod Nicholson

5 – John Allen (Fifty Stars)

4 – Brett Prebble (Lunar Fox)

3 – Glen Boss (Sangria)

2 – Jamie Kah (Paint The Town Too)

1 – Dwayne Dunn (Spend)

HIGGINS MEDAL VOTES UPDATED (Monthly winners: August Linda Meech; September Jamie Kah; October Damian Lane; November Craig Williams, December Jye McNeil; January Jye McNeil/Dwayne Dunn; February Dwayne Dunn)

110- D Dunn

74- J McNeil

72- D Oliver

63- C Williams

62- L Meech

49- D Lane

39- M Zahra,  B Melham, J Kah

33- T Nugent*

31- L Nolen

28- B Prebble

27- F Kersley*

25- M Poy*, D Yendall, L Currie

22- J Allen

20- M Walker

19- H Bowman

18- K McEvoy

17- D Bates, M Dee

15-  Z Spain, R Maloney

13- B Mertens

12- W Egan

10- J Mott, B Vorster

9- J McDonald, J Childs, B Rawiller

8- N Rawiller, R Moore, G Boss

7- J Eaton*

6- J Spencer, D Stackhouse, L Riordan*, A Mallyon, L German*

5- R King,  B Thompson, J Da Rose, T Clark

4- A Darmanin,  T Berry, M Harley

3- O Bosson, J Fry, M Aitken*, C Symons

2- S Baster, W Lordan, B McDougall, W Pike

1-L King*, J Maskiell, N Punch*

* Gauci medal for apprentices

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